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Chartered Quantity Surveyors Services Pre and Post Contract.


- Feasibility studies

- Budget estimates

- Cost planning

- Bill of Quantities preparation - Civil engineering CESMM4 and Building using RICS NRM

- Tendering and procurement


- Cost control during construction

- Interim valuations and payments

- Financial reporting and fund monitoring

- Settlement of contractual claims and construction contract specialist

- Value engineering

- Monitoring surveyor lender or banks

- Final accounts

We provide full range of chartered quantity surveying services pre and post contract:-

  • Preparing tender and contract documents, including schedule of works or bills of quantities.

  • Buidling cost estimating, budget estimating or cost planning etc.

  • Providing financial forecasts and estimates cost control.

  • Evaluating gross certified and assessing value of work done at period end.

  • Project cash flow forecasts and expenditures reports.

  • Preparing final account and assessing project cost completion.

- Property visual inspection for investors or potential home buyers.

- Bespoke buyers property conditions survey.

- Construction cost management.

- Construction and property procurement management.

- Construction and property management.

Do I need a survey?

A survey will help you to make a reasoned and informed decision on whether to go ahead with buying a property. Before you decide to commit yourself legally, you can limit the risks by asking a Chartered Surveyor to answer the following questions for you.

- What is a reasonable price to pay for the property?

- Are there any serious or urgent defects or specific risks with the property?

Why do I need my own Survey?

The best way to reach an informed decision when buying a home, especial for first time buyers and overseas investors, is to get a survey from an expert from construction and property industries. Before you decide to go ahead and commit yourself, you can minimise the risks by asking a Chartered Surveyor to answer these questions for you:-

1. Is the agreed price reasonable?

2. Are there problems of construction and long terms maintenance I don't know about?

3. If so, what do I need to do about them?

Getting your own survey is the simple, economical way to avoid unpleasant - and perhaps costly - surprises after moving in. The property inspection with no report is very popular for investors or first time buyers have a few properties are interested, but not sure which property is better conditions and value. A simple professional property inspection can save your money. The most popular type of Survey carry out is the Buyer Report. This in a standard format and it provides a condition rating on every element of the building so you can see at a glance what the major problems are.

Arranging your own survey is the simple, cost-effective way to avoid unpleasant, and perhaps expensive, surprises after moving in. Do I need my own survey if I already have a mortgage valuation report? Even if you are obtaining a mortgage and, as a result, may be paying for a mortgage valuation report, it is still recommended that you arrange an independent survey. Both the Consumers' Association; Which?' magazine and the Council of Mortgage Lenders give this advice.

The reason for this is that the mortgage valuation report is prepared for your lender; not for you, the borrower. It answers only the lender's questions about whether the property offers suitable security for your loan. You cannot rely on it to answer the questions that concern your personal interests or to give you details of the condition of the property. Also, some lenders do not provide a copy of their mortgage valuation report.

What choice of surveys do I have?

There are three levels of property survey services offer by us; each with a different price:
1. Condition report: Traffic light ratings of property condition basics that highlights urgent defects. The cheapest survey for buyers of newer homes.

2. Homebuyer report: All the features of the condition report, plus a market valuation, insurance rebuild costs and advice on defects that may affect the property value. The surveyor will suggest any maintenance that needs carrying out.

3. Building survey: A comprehensive report looking at defects, repair and maintenance options. This report is recommended for larger or older properties that may require extensive refurbishment or that have stood empty for a while.

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